Sophia Robinson

My wife and had discussed ways in which to improve our quality of life once we attained retirement age. We decided to go along with the recent technological advancements. Our household seemed to be ripe for a revamp in the type of toys we needed around the house. Chief among them, a 65 inch smart television set.  


 The tech savvy grandchildren were all too eager to contribute to our fascination with modern gadgets. Together we laid out the plan for all the gadgets to the ’museum‘ as one of the rascals had referred to our house. I had earlier encountered with your electrician service staff at work since you were the official contractors there

Michael Rodriguez

The supervisor who received out my bold plan was all too eager to start the job. When the project kicked off I asked to be included in the team so that I would have a feel of the freshness that was about to come into our life.

Alexander Lee

My wife was glad that she could put her culinary skills to good use cooking for the team. Three weeks passed by way too quickly but when we finished the work I could feel like we had been reborn into a digital world as cool grandparents.  


We cannot wait to host the grandkids when they break from school as their surprised faces gawk at the transformation. My wife says hi and welcomes you to drop in any time you are in the neighborhood.

Liam Wright

When I called in to tell your electrician service about the problem with my water heater you advised me to check on the thermocouple. Sure enough I found that it was broken. I asked the woman in customer care to book me an appointment as a matter of urgency.  


However, due to the fact that it was on a weekend, your team was pretty swamped. I opted to call in another contractor who seemed quite reluctant to discuss the problem with me in order to overcharge. I was able to haggle down the price of the repairs after I explained to him that I knew what the problem was. It is my humble request that you employ more electricians to help your clients falling prey to such unscrupulous technicians elsewhere


The first time I consulted your electrician service company was out of sheer curiosity. My brother in law had encountered your services at his home earlier this year and could not keep quiet about your professional way of handling problems.


When I needed to put up a hot tub in my backyard I had the chance to engage your services but I didn’t. Instead I opted for your competitors who quoted slightly lower prices. I was soon to regret this after they finished the job with poor wiring


I had to contact you guys to get everything done over again. I ended up paying double what I had poorly planned for but it was worth it. I have since learnt that cheap is truly expensive. And to think I would have had quality and made savings at the same time

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